The Major and Vital Parts of the Air Conditioner

The air conditioning device is one of the home investments that bring comfort in our homes. They will keep the temperature of the room cool and allows us to get better sleep at night. They may differ from types to models and shapes. However, they function the same especially if they are placed on the right and suitable location in our house. This is one of the innovations of technology that has brought comforts to humans and increased our productivity rate. Hence, air conditioners are also seen commonly in workplaces, hotels, recreational centers, and shops. Since it is a device, it is also subject to any worn out or damage brought by poor maintenance or continuous use. Therefore, it is essential that we keep updated checkups so we can notice early signs and symptoms that could lead to worse air conditioning problems. For that, we need to know the vital parts of the air conditioner that contributes big to its performance. Having a good knowledge about the functions of its parts can be our reference in the future when it will not functions properly. So here is the list of the air conditioner’s vital parts presented by cool earth aircon services company.

  1. The Air Compressor: This serves as the heart of the air conditioner that pumps the gas and assists the continuous performance of the air conditioner. With a damage air compressor, it is impossible for the AC to produce cool air.
  2. The Condenser: Have you notice the part of the air conditioner that can be seen outside the house? That is where the condenser is located. This is the one who is responsible for sipping warm air and converting it to cool air.
  3. The Condensing Coil: Attached to it is the condensing coil where gases will pass through. Its main functions are to keep the warm air inside and remove the heat to transmit cool air.
  4. The Fan inside the Air Conditioner: If the fan does not function, there will be no coolant that can turn the warm air into cool air. The air conditioning device is just impotent without the fan as it is the one that will blow out warm air out and blows in cool air.
  5. The Thermostat Of The Air Conditioner: This will sense and measures the temperature. It will control the indoor coolness, and once there is something that produces heat near the thermostat, this will affect the temperature of the room.
  6. The Filters: True to its name, it will filter the air that gets into the system, and in doing so it sips dust and other small particles that are mixed with the air. Over time this will build up and could clog the filter which will result in some cooling problems.
  7. The Air Conditioner’s Belt: The motor engine will not work without the belt. It is the one that will make the compressor functions so if the belt is broken or lose the air conditioning device too will not function.

These are the seven vital parts of the air conditioning device. Make sure that you will take care of it properly so it will not malfunction. If you see any signs that start to manifest better call your air conditioning technician as soon as possible to fix the issue otherwise, it can cause a more serious problem on your air conditioner. A regular inspection of the air conditioner will also get a long way and could prolong the life of the air conditioner.

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