List Of 2017 Top Events/Exhibitions For Home Ideas In Singapore

To call Singapore the city of the home renovators is not a gross misconstruction of the truth. This is based on the huge population of the Singapore population that has an obsession with the renovation and improvement of their homes. This has been topped by the proper network of roads. There has also been the development of the Build-to-order flats as well as constructions that you can see every day occurring on the island. The island even has a government agency dedicated to building and renovations to the homes. The Home Improvement Programme. It is to ensure that flats in ageing houses are renovated and remodeled. Perhaps the Singaporeans are just taking the governments lead in renovating their homes. They all want their homes as cozy as possible because “home is where the heart is”. The following are, therefore, the top events for home ideas on Singapore in 2017:

Asian-Pacific furniture fair

This is definitely one of the biggest fairs in the country. The event is set to take place between 18th and 16th of March this year. The event is to be found in the Singapore Expo Hall 7. The event opens at 12 noon and closes at 10 pm in the evening. The aim of the event organizers is to provide the buyers with a one stop destination in which they could buy all their products. To the sellers the event offers a proper platform in which they can exhibit their products. To become a part of their exhibition, check out their website.

Home-fix annual warehouse sale

The event is set to take place between 23rd and 26th March. This is one event in which you could buy pretty much the cheapest but highest quality furniture at the biggest discounts of the year. In fact the process of the furniture starts form as low as a mere $1. If you are a bargain hunter this is paradise because you can find such things as cleaning supplies, furniture and outdoor gardening tools. The event opens at 10am and closes at 8pm. It takes place in the Home Fix Building, 19 Tai Seng Avenue.

Open House By the Wooden Platform

The wooden platform is an open exhibition ground in Singapore. It is dedicated to the customer by providing the best quality of designs possible. They are committed to transforming your idea into a reality and most times exceed the customer expectations. They have their open house event for this year on 25th and 26thof march. The event opens at 10am and closes at 8pm. To see the most unique design of furniture be sure to check out this event.

My home spring expo

It is set to begin from 1st April to 9th April. It is definitely among the biggest expos of the year. The event begins at 11am and ends at 10pm. The company, My Home Spring, is an international company that specializes in home renovations. It includes modern locks, furniture, renovation practices, and so much more. Step into Expo Hall 7 between the above dates to see their newest inventions.


Singapore is a small island that loves innovative ways of home development. Expo Hall 7 is a stage that hosts numerous home development expos per year. The above are the top expo events in the year.